Life Insurance

A Variety of Life Insurance Options

Protect Your Family With Life Insurance

Life insurance is not to benefit you but to help the loved ones you leave behind. There are many life insurance options available.
Term life insurance: This is designed for you to cover a need for a period of time, such as purchasing a 30-year term plan in order to help your loved one pay off your 30-year mortgage in the event of your death. Term insurance is normally the lowest cost form of life insurance available.
Whole life: This is a permanent plan for which you pay a monthly premium and the premium remains fixed for the rest of your life. Some whole life plans have payments for a period of 20 or 30 years at which time it would be paid up (no more premiums) and the full death benefit will be paid at your death.
Universal life: This is a hybrid policy between term and whole life.
Final expense: This is normally more expensive than the others because it is bought later in life when a person typically has more health problems. Some are guarantee issues and the full benefits don’t get paid if you die within the 2-year period of your policy. You get the benefits 2 years after your policy is in force.

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