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We are impressed with John Pepe Insurance. Several of our friends highly recommended you and we really enjoyed meeting with you. We would have changed to Well Care in a heartbeat, but two of our four doctors do not accept that insurance at the time. We will try again during the next open enrollment. Thank you again for spending time with us.

Shelley Ketchum, [Jan, 2021]

Great to have someone who can navigate the complexities of Medicare and it's Drug plans. Met with John this week and was able to save quite a bit of money over my current drug plan. Great experience.

Deborah Maymon, [1/2021]

Thank you John for all your help... he's a vary caring person ❤

Jessica Hale, [11/2020]

John is very knowledgeable, and kind. He is great at explaining policies and benefits, and will work to meet your needs. Excellent and very creative in helping with drug coverage. I can personally say that it is not about just selling a policy that he cares about, because He will tell you, that if what he has available is not the best fit for you, he will recommend that you make the best choice for you, not for him!

M. Bruce, [9/2020]

John helped my wife and I navigate our Medicare supplemental insurance. Made it easy to understand. Highly recommend using him.

Bernard Woythaler, [9/2020]

John is a wonderful and resourceful agent and is someone who has effectively guided us through many healthcare related decisions. We strongly recommend him as an agent you can trust.

Mark Brunner, [7/2020]

Skyped with him once. Met him once in my home. Felt like I had known him all my life. You will like him. Did not buy anything from him as per his advice. He felt it would be in our best interest if we kept what we had for the time being. I really feel this speaks volumes about the guy. We will definitely be doing business with him in the future. I felt he was very knowledgeable about his products and professional in his preparation for discussing our personal medical and insurance issues. I truly felt he had our best interest at heart.

John Salsbury, [3/2020]

I was having lunch in Chedders restaurant when I noticed John having lunch also. I had been wanting to call him about my prescription plan. When he got up to leave I called hm over to talk to him. He took care of my plan right there in the restaurant. Thank you John!

John Durbin, [3/2020]

Personable, professional, knowledgeable, efficient and punctual besides pleasant!!

Richard M., [5/2018]

Great service!

Joe H., [1/2018]

Outstanding Assistance as Always!

Dorothy Billingsly, [1/2018]

Interview went very well. I understood everything and was pleased.

Shirley M J, [11/2017]

Very knowledgeable! Extremely helpful finding the right plans for me..all around great guy!!

Gary M G, [11/2017]

I had made an appt. with John because my mom has been very ill and I wanted to see if her insurance was working for us or if we should change. He was very knowledgeable about the insurances and was very honest. He didn't try to sell us anything. In fact, he explained her insurance so be could better understand it and we ended up staying with what she had. I would recommend him to anyone looking for insurance.

Karen V, [11/2017]

Excellent business appointment, right to the point and accurate information

John B, [10/2017]

John was very knowledgeable and helpful in providing us with the information needed to make a good decision. Definitely a 5 star + rating. Thanks again John for your help.

Richard S, [10/2017]

Thanks so much for solving my medicine needs. You have saved me a fortune!

Michelle P, [10/2017]

The absolute best!!

Grace C, [9/2017]

John Pepe is the most upstanding person I know I would trust him with my life..

Jeff, [9/2017]

I would give you five but your ego is big enough

Frank, [9/2017]

We were very pleased with his thoroughness and complete explanation of all the plans available to us. We have recommend him to many of our friends.

Bruce & Jane N, [9/2017]

Thanks for all the advice and honesty.

John G, [8/2017]

I trust John to do what's best for people.

Justin B, [8/2017]

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